COVID-19 Information for Stafford Hamlet Residents

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Food Resources for Oregon

Oregon Health Authority COVID-19 Updates 4/28/20

Representative Earl Blumenauer Update from Friday, April 10th – Includes info from IRS about registering as a non-filer for the stimulus check. More info at

Comprehensive List of Support


Oregon Food Bank: As unemployment has risen dramatically and Oregonians are struggling to pay rent or utility bills, many are turning to food banks for the first time to find their next meal. I’m committed to getting additional public resources to support our food banks and the essential work they’re doing. Oregon Food Bank CEO Susannah Morgan explains why the challenge food banks are facing due to the coronavirus pandemic is so different than others in the past.Learn more about what Oregon Food Bank is doing to ensure we #EmergeStronger and how you can Find Food, Donate, And Volunteer:

Local West Linn & Tualatin Food Pantries To Find Food, Donate and Volunteer

Tualatin Food Pantry: Rolling Hills Community Church

3550 SW Borland Rd, Tualatin.  503-783-0721

West Linn Food Pantry: Willamette United Methodist Church.

1683 Willamette Falls Drive, West Linn. 503- 915-9446

Packed With Pride:  Tigard High Auditorium on the swim center side

9000 SW Durham Road, Tigard, OR 97224

Serving Tualatin, King City, Durham


What you need TO APPLY:

  • Social Security Number (or Alien Registration Number/Documentation for non-residents)

  • Your phone number or a phone number where you can be reached

  • Pay stubs or salary and total income from each employer

  • Work history for past 18 months, including:

  • Dates of employment

  • Employer(s) business name, address, and phone number

TO FILE ONLINE, For more information and a list of frequently asked questions check out the State of Oregon Employment Department website:

To File Over the phone – Call  1-877-FILE-4-UI (1-877-345-3484). As you can imagine, there are currently long wait times to apply over the phone. When you call, you will get a menu of questions then will be transferred to a claims specialist.

——————————————————————————————————————–Small Business Support

Oregon businesses are experiencing drastic levels of economic uncertainty and instability in the face of a global public health crisis. I will fight as hard as I can to get relief to small businesses,workers, and the families and communities that rely on Oregon’s vibrant and expansive economy. Business Oregon, alongside the Oregon Employment Department, the Oregon Secretary of State, and the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services compiled the information on this page to assist Oregon small business owners, employees, and others dealing with the impacts of COVID-19:

Report loss of revenue: As a state it is important we track the loss of revenue in our business community.  This information will affect how the state and the federal government will address future assistance.  Businesses with impacted revenue caused by COVID-19 should fill out the ‘Estimated Disaster Economic Injury Worksheet for Businesses’ form and send to Leah Horner:

Check out US Senator Jeff Merkley website for all thing federal level:

Especially the section “Operation: Main Street” for up to date information on small business coronavirus relief:


Childcare is an essential service to communities. During COVID 19 Essential workers can receive a customized referral to an emergency childcare program by:

  • Calling 2-1-1 and they will direct “essential workers” to childcare providers who are designated to prioritize and save space for your childcare needs in your area. Wait for the CHILD CARE prompt for an expedited process

  • Texting the keyword “children” or “niños” to 898211 (TXT211)

  • Emailing

  • Click here to visit the Find Child Care Oregon website

The Early Learning Division has created new tools for addressing concerns in  childcare around COV, ID-19. The state has increased the income eligibility for the emergency childcare subsidy and waived all family copay requirements for families that qualify. There is also a process to get your current childcare provider qualified and paid for by the State.

———————————————————————————————————-Healthcare Coverage

Do you need Insurance Coverage after losing work?

If your work situation has changed, you may qualify for health insurance through the Oregon Health Plan (OHP). Eligibility for OHP is based on monthly income and other requirements. That means you may qualify for OHP now, even if you’ve been denied in the past. The best way to see if you qualify is to apply: Oregon Health Authority : Apply for OHP : Oregon Health Plan 

Grace period order for insurance deadlines: The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services issued a temporary emergency order in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. It requires all insurance companies to extend grace periods for premium payments, postpone policy cancellations and non renewals, and extend deadlines for reporting claims.  If Oregonians have questions or concerns about their insurance company or agent, they can contact the department’s advocacy team at 888-877-4894 (toll free) or visit for more information or to file a complaint. For insurance and financial services information related to COVID-19, or visit for more information or to file a complaint.

Buy new insurance: If you are unable to keep your employer insurance you can check out the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace.


Resources to help understand the guidelines issued by the Department of Education

If you have a senior and are concerned with graduation, you can find guidance at:

If you are contemplating at-home learning and are looking for general guidance, you can look to these resources:

If you are worried about accessing resources at home, here are a few options to help:

Our students are deeply impacted by the change in their daily lives and if you are wondering how to best support students during this time, please look at these resources:


Immediate Help with Housing:

Oregon Law Center (OLC) provides legal help to people struggling to make ends meet on matters related to their homes, livelihoods, medical care and physical safety against domestic violence.

Oregon Law Center guidance on the Eviction Moratorium:


CARES Act Mortgage Forbearance: What You Need to Know— consumerfinance.gov

——————————————————————————————————————-More Resources




Text 273TALK to 839863



Text RecoveryNow to 839863 



Text MIL1 to 839863 





Text teen2teen to 839863

Chat at

HD 37 County & City Resources 

March 27 Conference Call

  • King City | Closed basketball courts, playgrounds. Public didn’t adhere to rules, so they removed the basketball hoops. Planning a drive-in blood donation. Collecting PPE.Virtual socializing volunteer program with a telephone tree for residents who don’t have internet. Letter writing campaign with the senior Village because they can’t have visitors.
  • Dr. Sue TTSD | Releasing latest update for next week re: supplemental resources and at-home guidance. Teachers will receive virtual guidance. Planning to deploy buses to apartment areas with hotspots so students can log on to internet. Waiting for ODE guidance re: graduating seniors; should have been today but will likely be next week. Anticipating school pushed into May. Continue to provide food to families who need it. Have halted hiring because not sure of budget impact of the shutdown and its effect on school district.
  • Rep. Prusak | Modeling suggests that if we continue to stay at home, it appears we are flattening the curve and not experience the same vast hardships that hospital systems in other states are experiencing. OHSU has put together an ethics committee to talk about some of the questions about how you choose who gets care and who doesn’t.
  • WLWV | Similar story to TTSD. 
  • Clackamas ESD | Incredible amount of collaboration happening among all the districts in the area. 
  • Bridget Tualatin | Called state of emergency officially. Pharmacy delivery program via the police department.
  • Washington County | High amount of patients, but also the first County to have cases. Aggressive program to control it. Working with getting homeless population into shelters.
  • Clackamas County | Ethical discussions re: management of limited resources in hospital settings, who gets a ventilator, what is the process to allocate resources. Ethical discussions about caring for homeless residents. Hard conversations to have, but they need to be had ahead of time and not in the moment of crisis.



Lake Oswego Pilot Program for Pharmacy Delivery

LAKE OSWEGO – With Oregonians now under Governor Brown’s executive order to stay home, the Lake Oswego Police Department is following the lead of the Forest Grove Police Department in piloting a prescription medication delivery program for Lake Oswego Residents.

Starting Monday, March 30, 2020, and continuing through the end of the emergency order, Lake Oswego Police Department employees will be providing a free prescription delivery service for Lake Oswego residents. Anyone who is 65-years-old or older, or who has any serious underlying medical condition that would put them at a higher risk of severe illness due to COVID-19, can call the Lake Oswego Police Department at (503) 635-0250 to arrange for prescription delivery from a local Lake Oswego pharmacy. This service will be available between 8:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, for the duration of the emergency order.

Participants will also need to contact their pharmacy themselves to order and pay for the prescription(s), and to let them know that a Lake Oswego Police employee will be picking them up. At this point, the only pharmacies that are participating in this program are the Rite-Aid pharmacies at 90 B Avenue and 16390 Boones Ferry Road, in Lake Oswego. The participant will need to present valid identification to the Police employee when the prescription is delivered.

During deliveries, the Police employees will wear personal protective equipment and will follow social distancing guidelines to avoid spreading the virus. The employees will always be in official attire and will carry identification.

This is a pilot project, so we will monitor this program daily to ensure that it is still helpful and appropriate. If, at any point, we decide that it is no longer needed or workable, we will end this service.

Any media inquiries can be directed to Sergeant Tom Hamann at 503-635-0238.


March 23 Conference Call Updates

Update: Regan Molatore, WLWV school board

  • Some teachers returning to work, remotely on Monday.  

  • The details of the new programming are still being formed.  We have identified families who need computers and access to the internet.  We can get devices to these students. Connection is still being worked out. 

  • Supplemental learning is set up:


New |  Exciting mental health resource for students, teachers and families everywhere! After receiving countless requests for resources on mental health and digital wellness, a group of nonprofit partners joined together to create and share valuable tools, lessons, and more. Work2BeWell was made possible due to a partnership between Providence, and Well Being Trust. 

And actually a HD 37 West Linn Resident led the way. You’ll find resources and curriculum on everything mental health here.


Governor Brown’s Executive Order:

See EO for details:

  • If you want to volunteer with COVID-19 response, please complete this survey:
  • If you have a business that might be able to help with COVID-19 response, please complete this survey:


What does “stay at home” mean? 

  • Stay home as much as possible. Don’t have playdates for kids. Don’t gather in groups. Don’t get together with friends. Rely on video and phone chats.
  • Playgrounds are closed.
  • Go out only for essentials (groceries, medical care / supplies). Don’t make unnecessary trips.
  • If you must go out stay at least 6 ft away from others any time you are out including for exercise
  • Avoiding visits; even ones where social distance can be employed. Those still pose a chance of touching a contaminated surface or running across the virus in another capacity.

What additional precautions should we take if someone in our home becomes ill?  

    • Have the person stay in one room, away from other people, as much as possible

    • Avoid sharing household items

    • Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or use hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol

    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

    • Every day clean all surfaces that are touched often

    • Wash laundry thoroughly

    • No visitors

    • Monitor them for worsening symptoms:

      • Trouble breathing

      • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest

      • New confusion or inability to arouse

      • Fever

Is it true nurses have to work even if PPE is unavailable? Can you explain policy on PPE? 

After speaking with OHA, ONA, and Oregon Board of Nursing (OSBN) the board updated their statement on PPE for clarification: 

“The global spread of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) is a rapidly evolving situation.  This event has also resulted in confusing and conflicting information regarding transmission, healthcare worker precautions, high-risk categorizations, etc.

Each medical facility/organization decides for itself and its personnel whether to follow Oregon Health Authority (OHA) recommendations or recommendations issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) or the Center for Disease Control (CDC).  The Board of Nursing has no jurisdiction over individual employers.

The OSBN has received reports that nurses are refusing to accept patient assignments unless their hospital/facility follows WHO or CDC guidelines rather than OHA guidelines regarding personal protective equipment (PPE).

In the Governor’s Declared State of Emergency authorization, OHA was tasked to provide the state response to COVID-19.  All nurses and nursing assistants are entitled to keep themselves safe through appropriate use of PPE. 

Nurses cannot refuse an assignment solely because the employer is utilizing OHA guidelines rather than WHO or CDC guidelines.

The Board of Nursing does not expect nurses to work without PPE.  The Nurse Practice Act will always support the ability of a nurse to refuse an assignment when they do not have the knowledge, skills, competencies, and abilities to safety acceptit.  Having PPE, or not having PPE, comes under the “abilities” section of the practice act. “


March 22 | Message from Representative Prusak

Over the last month I have been in touch with Oregon Health Authority and my colleagues in Salem prepping for COVID-19.  During the last 2 weeks I have had numerous conversations with local elected officials on the best ways to support and care for our community. I was happy to hear of all the hard work our local leaders are doing, and it is inspiring to see how many people are stepping up and working tirelessly to make sure we protect the most vulnerable members of our community. As a nurse with 20 years of experience, I must share with you all that I’m deeply worried about our frontline healthcare workers, our first responders, and our vulnerable community members. We only have a finite amount of hospital beds, personal protective equipment, and ventilators. Social Distancing is something we need to take seriously so we have a better chance of not only saving lives, but limiting the long term economic damage. The longer this lasts, the harder the recovery will be on all fronts.  Please continue to look out for one another, take this seriously, and follow the social distancing guidelines. I have created a large list of resources here but if there is something you need help with that is not covered here, please reach out via email at  or by phone at 503-986-1437 



New Resource Alert: Make a donation, offer services or volunteer to support COVID-19 response

Oregonians have been stepping up to offer donations, services, or volunteer for #COVID19 support. In response the state has launched a webpage where services can be offered and vetted to ensure products and services meet CDC and other public health guidelines. This website also includes a process where vendors can sell or enter into a business relationship with the state. The biggest need right now is for personal protective equipment (PPE). Please help us by sharing this resource. We appreciate the work you are doing, and that Oregonians are stepping up to help out in response to this crisis. You can find the page here:

Which underlying health conditions make you more at risk for severe illness from COVID-19:

You’ve likely heard that older adults and those with underlying health conditions are more at risk for severe illness from COVID-19. People with underlying health conditions are counting on all of us to help protect their health. If you or someone you know has any of the following medical conditions, they may be at increased risk, no matter their age:

  • Lung disease, including asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (chronic bronchitis or emphysema) or other chronic conditions associated with impaired lung function or that require home oxygen

  • Compromised immune system (immunosuppression) (e.g., seeing a doctor for cancer and treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation, receiving an organ or bone marrow transplant, taking high doses of corticosteroids or other immunosuppressant medications, HIV with a CD4 count <200)

  • Blood disorders (e.g., sickle cell disease or on blood thinners)

  • Chronic kidney disease

  • Chronic liver disease

  • Current or recent pregnancy (in the last two weeks)

  • Endocrine disorders (e.g., diabetes)

  • Metabolic disorders (such as inherited metabolic disorders and mitochondrial disorders)

  • Heart disease (such as congenital heart disease, congestive heart failure and coronary artery disease)

  • Neurological and neurologic and neurodevelopment conditions

West Linn & Tualatin Food Pantries Need Donations and Volunteers

Local Food Pantries: If you are young, healthy and at low risk, please reach out to donate or volunteer at one of the pantries listed below. 

Tualatin Food Pantry: Rolling Hills Community Church
3550 SW Borland Rd, Tualatin.  503-783-0721

West Linn Food Pantry: Willamette United Methodist Church.
1683 Willamette Falls Drive, West Linn. 503- 915-9446

Packed With Pride:  Tigard High Auditorium on the swim center side
9000 SW Durham Road, Tigard, OR 97224
Serving Tualatin, King City, Durham 

King City looking for Volunteers to Support Elderly:

We are creating a virtual socializing framework to help combat feelings of isolation, loneliness, and boredom for house-bound community members. Want to volunteer to have a friendly chat with a lonely senior? Complete and return our volunteer form

Resources for Small Business Assistance, Employers & Employees

Oregon’s application for Small Business Assistance has been accepted!  
If your small business has been impacted by Coronavirus you can apply by going to

Work Share: 

Employers who need to limit an employees’ hours due to the COVID-19 outbreak should consider utilizing Work Share as a means of protecting their business while compensating your workforce. The process can be done online by going to the Work Share Oregon website, or using this contact information: 

Phone: (503) 647-1800, Toll-Free: (800) 436-6191

Business Oregon 

A number of tips and resources available for small business owners, including a large list of financial resources, on their coronavirus response page, available here

Where to report loss of revenue: As a state it is important we track the loss of revenue in our business community.  This information will affect how the state and the federal government will address future assistance.  Businesses with impacted revenue caused by COVID-19 should fill out the ‘Estimated Disaster Economic Injury Worksheet for Businesses’ form and send to Leah Horner:

Oregon Department of Revenue Guidance: Concerned about CAT payments? DOR has posted information about initial CAT payments.  They are working on guidance on delay of payment mirroring federal changes, and those should be posted early next week.  They will be available at

Need help with unemployment related to COVID-19? 

The Oregon Department of Unemployment has released a new temporary rule, (retroactively applied to March 8, 2020 and lasting until the statewide emergency if lifted). If you are unable to work because of COVID-19 related situations, you are eligible to apply for unemployment benefits. State and Federal law require a person to be able to work in order to receive unemployment insurance benefits. Under this temporary rule, being unable to work because of COVID-related situations does not disqualify you from eligibility. 

Here is a summary of the changes:

The following situations are deemed the be “COVID-19 related situations”

  1. A person is unable to work because they are ill with the novel coronavirus;

  2. A person is unable to work because they have been potentially exposed to the novel coronavirus and have been subjected to a mandatory quarantine period; 

  3.  A person is unable to work because they have been advised by their health care provider or by advice issued by public health officials to self-quarantine due to possible risk of exposure to, or spread of, the novel coronavirus;

  4. A person is unable to work because their employer has ceased or curtailed operations due to the novel coronavirus, including closures or curtailments based on the direction or advice of the Governor or of public health officials;

  5. A person is unable to work because they have to stay home to care for a family member, or other person with whom they live or for whom they provide care, who is suffering from the novel coronavirus or subject to a mandatory quarantine;

  6.  A person is unable to work because they have to stay home to care for a child due to the closure of schools, child care providers, or similar facilities due to the novel coronavirus; and 

  7.  A person is being asked to work when it would require them to act in violation of a mandatory quarantine or Governor’s directive regarding the limitation of activities to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Read the full details of the rule here

Resources for Childcare Workers, Families, and Educators

  • The Early Learning Division’s COVID-19 website has general resources, specific resources for providers, families, and information about emergency childcare.

  • The Early Learning Division has also created a survey for providers to share updates on their supply needs during this crisis, so the agency can effectively request and supply resources.

  • Common Sense has assembled tools and resources for families navigating learning at home, understanding the crisis, and general well being.

  • Common Sense has also assembled tips and tools for educators transitioning to online and at-home learning.


Governor Brown has issued executive order 20-11 ordering a statewide moratorium on residential evictions. This order will remain in effect for 90 days unless extended or terminated early by the Governor. 

Something We Can All Do Today: Census 2020

The Census is happening now! Filling out your census form is a perfect activity while social distancing. It can still be completed by mail and by phone, but for the first time ever, you can fill out your census form online

The full economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak on Oregonian families, businesses, and workers is yet to be seen. We know it will take a massive toll, especially on our most vulnerable communities. Amidst a crisis like this, it is critical that we correctly account for every resident of Oregon, regardless of housing situation or citizenship status. 

Millions of federal dollars are at stake. Every single Oregonian deserves to be counted and represented. Census data is also used to calculate representation in Congress and the amount of federal funding each state receives. Based on the federal dollars per person that Oregon received in fiscal year 2017, for each Oregonian that is counted, Oregon receives $4,600 per year for critical programs and services.

Four Simple Guidelines For Grocery Shopping

Please Don’t Hoard: Federal, State, and Local governments are working with the industries that provide your food and essential goods to keep your grocery store open and stocked.  The Covid-19 virus is not like a natural disaster that could immobilize trucks, or threaten water supplies. Everyone should shop to have an adequate supply of food and essential products, but there is no need to hoard supplies to be safe. Remember your neighbor behind you in line, they need toilet paper too!

Social Distancing With Other Customers: At doors, in aisles, and in line, remember to take a step back and allow 3 to 6 feet of distance between you and your fellow customers. According to the CDC this is one of the most effective ways to prevent transmission. Think of it as seeing that person you’ve been avoiding, but without the hostility.

Limit Contact With Store Employees: Our employees are a critical link to your food supply.  Please do the following to keep them as healthy as possible:

  • Observe social distancing the best you can with department personnel and your clerk when checking out
  • Use self-checkout stations whenever available.  Ask for a cleaning or use a sanitation wipe before each use
  • Bag your own groceries to mitigate the number of touches your bags and merchandise receive

Senior and Immune-Compromised Hours: Some grocers are offering special morning hours for senior and immunocompromised populations to shop.  By coming early these populations will have the advantage of overnight stocking, smaller crowds, and the first to enter after an overnight deep cleaning.  Your help in respecting this time is appreciated. These are the ones I know if: 

  • Albertsons & Safeway: Tuesday and Thursday open from 7-9am (most at risk community)
  • Target:  Wednesday’s  1st hour of opening for their vulnerable guest
  • Whole Foods: Daily opening 1 hour early for customers over 70
  • New Seasons: Daily opening 8-9am for senior shoppers

Do you know a senior or immunocompromised individual?  Offer to do their shopping or help them navigate home delivery, even if it’s a neighbor you haven’t talked to in a while. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP IN KEEPING YOUR GROCERIES SAFE AND PLENTIFUL!

Support & Recovery Resources: 

Due to COVID-19, meetings have been cancelled and some organizations have set up online support:


Text 273TALK to 839863

Text RecoveryNow to 839863 

Text MIL1 to 839863 


Text teen2teen to 839863
Chat at

HD 37County & City Resources 


March 20 | Elected Representative Conference Call

State Representative Rachel Prusak of HD37 invited Board Chair and Board Secretary to attend regular conference calls to provide updates that we can disseminate to our community. We are appreciative of the opportunity to be included in these calls so that we can help get information out.

The calls will take place a few times a week. Updates will be posted on this page. If you have a question about services that aren’t addressed above in the links, please contact us and we will try to connect you with the information. If you or a neighbor needs assistance, please contact us so that we can try to connect you with services. 

Health & Medical

  • Consider using the term “physical distancing” so it’s less confusing than “social distancing”. There should be 6 feet between you and any other person while you’re out. Time outside the house should be for essential trips only, unless you are deemed an ‘essential worker.’
  • There is now no legal barrier to getting 90 days of prescriptions filled. You can call in your prescriptions and stock up.
  • For the elderly and immune compromised residents of our area, many groceries have instituted “Elder Hours” where these folks can shop in relative isolation. Call your local store for information. One complaint that was discussed was that during Elder Hours the pharmacy wasn’t open. We have heard from the manager that Wal-Mart West Linn is having their pharmacy AND store open during their Tuesday Elder Hour (6am to 7am). This begins on Tuesday, March 24th.
  • Helpful tip: create for yourself and family members a printed list of your medicines, dosages, and what you take them for. In addition, list any over the counter medicines you take and dosages/purpose. If you require medical assistance this will help your medical professional know what you are taking and will save valuable time.
  • If you do not need emergency assistance, do not go to the Emergency Department of the hospital. You can use telemedicine or visit urgent care.

General information:

  • Census forms have been mailed. Please complete them.
  • There is no disruption in the quantity of goods being trucked into our area and restocking stores. So, there is no need to hoard goods. Please leave extra goods on the shelf for your neighbors, and take what you need. Likewise there is no issue with water supply or gasoline.
  • Many services are providing grocery delivery (Instacart, Safeway, Amazon) so that you can stay at home.
  • Our community’s businesses are suffering. If you are able to purchase food to go, or gift certificates, please do. 
  • Message from Metro: garbage service is still ongoing and functioning as it should. Many open spaces are still open and available as long as you keep 6’ or more between people. 

  • Social distancing can create stressors in families. If you or someone you know are experiencing domestic violence, please reach out in a safe way. Crisis hotline number is 503-654-2288.

Business Owner Support

  • SBA Economic Disaster Loans are  now available (see the link above for Business Owners).

  • Updates from West Linn Wilsonville School District: there is a page on their website that will be updated frequently (link at the top of this page).

Finally, please check on your neighbors. Physical and social distancing is helpful to diminish the spread of the virus, but there are potential effects on the mental health of people who have never in their lives spent so much time alone.  Clackamas County has a phone number for anyone who’d like to talk, vent, let off steam. 503-655-8585.

Reach out to your neighbors, especially elderly or immune compromised neighbors. 

  • Can I pick up groceries or toilet paper for you? 
  • Can I pick up a prescription for you? 
  • Are you feeling ok? 
  • Can I contact your family members for you?  
  • If you have children in the house, invite them to make art or poetry for them.

We are a community and we are here for each other. 


March 18 | Clackamas County Closes Facilities

Effective Wednesday, March 18, Clackamas County is temporarily closing many of its buildings to the public. The action will be in effect until at least April 6.

This action has been taken by the Board of County Commissioners to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and best protect the health of the public and county employees.

During this time, Clackamas County will remain open for business to the greatest extent possible. The goal during this time is to provide services virtually to the public as much as possible.

Courts and law enforcement are remaining open on a limited basis. Many county employees have been instructed to telework from home.

The Board of County Commissioners Business Meeting this coming Thursday, March 19, is still scheduled for 10 a.m. Residents are encouraged to participate digitally.

Many departments and public-facing services continue to operate virtually, and will have staff available by phone during normal business hours.

The following is a list of how county departments/divisions can be reached during this time:
Assessment & Taxation (open virtually, 503-655-8671)
Business and Community Services (all divisions below open virtually)
— BCS Administration (503-742-4344)
— County Parks (503-742-4414)
— Economic Development (503-742-4BIZ)
— County Fair & Event Center (503-266-1136)
— Library Network (503-723-4888)
— North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District (503-742-4348)
— Oak Lodge/Gladstone Libraries (503-655-8570)
— Property Resources (503-742-4384)
County Administration (open virtually, 503-655-8581)
County Clerk (open virtually, 503-655-8510)
C-COM/911 (Building closed to public, but operating as normal. Call 911 for emergencies)
Disaster Management (open virtually but currently operating Emergency Operations Center, 503-655-8378)
District Attorney (State courts remain open, operating as normal. Call 503-655-8431)
Health, Housing and Human Services (H3S, see divisions below)
— All Health Clinics/Centers remain open.
— All other H3S Divisions (Behavioral Health; Children, Family and Community Connections; Housing Authority; Public Health; Social Services; Community Development) are operating virtually but can be reached to discuss client resident needs and take actions as appropriate. Check here for division contacts.
Human Resources (divisions below open virtually)
— Recruitment (503-655-8459)
— Benefits (503-655-8550)
— Leave Administration (503-655-8550)
— Workers Compensation (503-655-8252)
Justice Court (open virtually, 503-794-3800, Mon – Fri 8 a.m. to noon; 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.)
Juvenile (contact 503-655-8342 for info)
Law Library (open virtually, 503-869-7428)
Public and Government Affairs (open virtually, 503-655-8751)
— Tim Heider, Coronavirus PIO (971-219-7271)
— Dylan Blaylock, Acting PIO for all other media issues (503-278-6841)
Resolution Services (open virtually, 503-655-8415)
Sheriff’s Office (law enforcement remain operating). Office closures include:
— Family Justice Center (operating virtually, Mon-Thur, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Friday 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., 503-655-8600. After hours, contact Clackamas Women’s Services, 503-654-2288)
— Public Safety Training Center (closed to public,, questions regarding concealed handgun licensing: 503-794-8059)
— Transition Center (closed)
Technology Services  GIS Storefront (closed entirely)
Tourism & Cultural Affairs (open virtually, 971-334-9479)
Transportation & Development (all offices and lobbies open virtually, see below)
— Main department number (503-742-4400)
— Building codes (503-742-4240)
— Code Enforcement (503-742-4452)
— Development Agency (503-742-4322)
— Dog Services (503-655-8628)
— Fleet Services (503-650-3300)
— Garbage & Recycling (503-557-6363)
— Motor Carrier Safety (503-742-4771)
— Planning & Zoning (503-742-4500)
— Septic & Onsite Wastewater (503-742-4740)
— Street Lighting District (503-742-4691)
— Surveyor (503-655-4475)
— Sustainability (503-557-6363)
— Transportation Engineering (503-742-4691)
— Transportation Maintenance (503-557-6391)
Treasurer (open virtually, 503-742-5990)
Water Environment Services (open virtually, contact 503-742-4567)
Residents are encouraged to check the county’s alert page for ongoing updates, at

For a full county department list, visit

upcoming events

7:00 pm Stafford Hamlet Community Meeting @ Via Zoom
Stafford Hamlet Community Meeting @ Via Zoom
Oct 12 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
  Zoom Webinar Link: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.  
7:00 pm Stafford Hamlet Community Meeting @ Via Zoom
Stafford Hamlet Community Meeting @ Via Zoom
Nov 9 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
  Zoom Webinar Link: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.  
7:00 pm Stafford Hamlet Community Meeting @ Via Zoom
Stafford Hamlet Community Meeting @ Via Zoom
Dec 14 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
  Zoom Webinar Link: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.