Community Vision Plan

The Hamlet sits in a sensitive interface between rural property and urban cities.

There are multiple philosophies and approaches to how the area will look in the future. One vision is to harness the agricultural history of the area and promote it for the benefit of our entire region.

By promoting LOCAL agriculture for the community as a whole and involving numerous partners from local governments, school districts, conservation groups and programs for our youth like 4H and FFA we can discover new possibilities for our future.

Why is the Community Vision Plan being updated?

We are updating the Community Vision Plan because, while our Vision and Values haven’t changed, land use designations have. In 2018, the Stafford Hamlet area was moved into Urban Reserves. This is a designation that says ‘this land at some point in the future could be moved into the Urban Growth Boundary.’ All properties in the Hamlet will remain zoned as they are right now. If the Urban Growth Boundary is expanded, zoning might change.

We have the opportunity to clarify the vision of the residents of the Hamlet for the future of Stafford. This is why we’re updating the document.

Draft Community Vision Plan

This draft CVP was written by the current Stafford Hamlet Board:

The Community Vision Plan embraces Stafford Hamlet’s uniqueness in a way that works within the current Urban Reserves designation while preserving the character of the Hamlet. We will work to encourage conservation partnerships that protect open spaces and forestland, expand and enhance wildlife and riparian corridors, and explore ways to encourage and promote active agriculture.

Our goals will target residents’ wishes to enact best practices that:

  • Safeguard clean air and groundwater;
  • Maintain our secure and serene environment;
  • Minimize additional traffic and infrastructure impacts;
  • Educate regional communities and Hamlet members about the area’s heritage, importance and potential; and
  • Expand small farm possibilities.

Past Community Vision Plan

The original CVP that was drafted and voted on in 2015 can be read in its entirety here.

Schedule of Events

Join us for Town Hall events where your voice will be heard!

Date Event Time Location
Saturday, February 22, 2020 Town Hall 9AM - 11AM Stafford Primary School
Tuesday, March 10, 2020 Town Hall 7PM - 9PM Stafford Primary School
Saturday, April 18, 2020 Vote on Final CVP Draft 9AM - 11AM Stafford Primary School

Hamlet Map

Below is a map showing the Hamlet’s boundary, as well as adjacent City limits. If you’d like to explore further the areas surrounding the Hamlet, Hamlet neighborhoods, see if your property is inside the Hamlet, and so forth, please visit our Interactive Hamlet Map.