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We Cherish Our Rural Character

As residents of a rural unincorporated area in Clackamas County, we have adopted a set of Values and Vision for our community. The Stafford Hamlet was born out of the idea that change is inevitable, including changing the way we develop. We value the qualities – the "Stafford Character" – that make our community a desirable place to live.

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The Hamlet community solidly supports preserving the Stafford Character, which includes open space, pastoral views, native trees and wildlife, and the Tualatin River and its tributaries.


We aim to unite in crafting meaningful recommendations for change that serve both individual interests and the common good in a manner that is just, fair, and reasonable for all.


We come together—as landowners and neighbors, as developers, conservationists, and people in the middle—to create a model of limited self-governance recognized by Clackamas County as Stafford Hamlet.

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Stafford Hamlet is an all-volunteer effort. We can always use a hand. What do you like to do? We can help you find a great volunteer spot!


See all meeting agendas here.

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About Stafford Hamlet

Stafford Hamlet is located in unincorporated Clackamas County, Oregon. The citizens have adopted a set of Values and a Vision for their community. As residents of a rural unincorporated area in Clackamas County we have worked together to create a vision for maintaining the Stafford Character of our homes.