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Stafford Hamlet Board Elections

Will take place next year!
January 6th, 2018 | 9-11 AM

We are still looking for applicants.
Click here to download the application!
Return to Walt at [email protected]

5 Board Positions are up for your vote!
Under 5 Acres: 1 position
Over 5 Acres: 2 positions
At Large: 2 positions

Road Safety Audit of Stafford Road is coming | Fall 2017

The Road Safety Audit (RSA) will work along all 6.5 miles of Stafford Road from Rosemont Roundabout to Homestead Road. It is scheduled to begin sometime in the fall. In order to stay connected, please follow the The Stafford Hamlet Facebook Page and/or sign up for our Community Newsletter. After the completion of the RSA, the team is willing to give a presentation on the results.

How can I be involved in the Road Safety Audit?

The RSA is carried out by a team of professional traffic engineers. They will welcome any specific roadway concerns you have. Please send them to us and we will collate and pass them on to the team. Use this form.

Traffic Safety Quick-Links:


The Bylaws were Unanimously Approved at the June Town Hall

To View the Stafford Hamlet Bylaws please follow the link below. Thank you to those who attended our June Town Hall and voted.

Metro Reserves Signing Ceremony - June 29th

Clackamas County's public statement:

"Senior elected officials from Metro, Clackamas County, and the cities of Lake Oswego, Tualatin and West Linn came together on June 28 to sign and celebrate an inter-governmental agreement (IGA) on potential future urbanization of the Stafford area in unincorporated Clackamas County."


Clackamas County Updates Regarding Urban Reserves

Where is the IGA Now?

The IGA has been signed, but there is still a need for citizen action and elected officials diligence. Find out more about where we are from the Clackamas County Signing Event Press Release

Also learn more about Metros's point of view from 

What Can We Do Today?

Send a quick email to the mayors of the three cities to recognize their efforts and their support of the Hamlet's vision.
City of West Linn | Russ Axelrod, Mayor: [email protected]   
City of Lake Oswego | Kurt Studebaker, Mayor: [email protected]
City of Tualatin | Lou Ogden, Mayor: [email protected]    

Lake Oswego, Tualatin and West Linn have opposed Metros desire to urbanize Stafford for over twenty years. Clackamas County needs to know we aren't looking for unreasonable development!

January 24, 2017 | Clackamas County and Metro

Click here for full joint press release from Clackamas County and Metro.


Why is Stafford opposed to "50,000 New Residents" and where did that number come from?


• Professional Land Use Plans submitted by local developers,

   Aug 2016 to Clackamas County Commissioners

• Net 2,000 Acres could be developed

• Based on low Metro densities of ten residential units per acres 

   and 2.5 residents, that means 50,000 NEW STAFFORD residents

• Report is misleading, “Stafford Character maintained” but NO 

   SPECIFIC number of “New” people moving to area

• Only states the net area to be “urbanized” in acres, not how 

   many people added

You decide, FACT or FICTION?

Thank you for your interest and support!

“WE HAVE THE ANSWER” it’s The Stafford Compromise!

Board Members Present The Stafford Compromise to METRO

Dec 12, 2016 | Metro Meeting

See Stafford Hamlet Chair Jay Minor (left) and Vice Chair Dave Adams (bottom left) present the strongly supported 'Community Vision Plan,' also known as The Stafford Compromise, to METRO last month. Both Jay and Dave are very dedicated community representatives.

Click the link below to see their full comments early in the meeting.


In 2009 County agrees that Stafford area North of the Tualatin River does not meet urban criteria, but backtracks after METRO pressure

December 7, 2009 | Clackamas County

Click here to read the 2009 report from Clackamas County.


West Linn, Tualatin, and Lake Oswego Historically Oppose Urbanization of Stafford