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BACKGROUND Over the years three divergent visions for development in the Stafford area have emerged: ?The majority of Stafford Hamlet residents and citizens in the three surrounding cities oppose urbanizing Stafford and favor preserving Stafford?s open spaces and rural character. ? Metro and developers envision Stafford developed into a new ?town center.? ? Clackamas County has long eyed the area for future employment land opportunities.
Since the formation of The Stafford Hamlet nine years ago, our residents have worked to formulate thoughtful recommendations that strike a reasonable compromise between these differing visions. In light of the Oregon Court of Appeals remand of Metro?s Urban Reserve designation for The Stafford Hamlet, the following recommendations represent a solution that will achieve the best outcome for all.
THE COMPROMISE Our compromise considers Stafford as comprised of two separate areas, treated separately, in a way that allows all stakeholders to get some of what they want: (1) Borland, an area for future urbanization, and (2) the remaining Hamlet, which would see little change.
Borland: Designate as Urban Reserve ? Suitable for use as an employment area for development as a Kruse Way-type class A office campus with restaurants and other limited retail to support the people working there.   ? Close proximity to I?205 minimizes traffic impact and infrastructure needs in the rest of the Hamlet and neighboring cities.
Area North of the Tualatin River and Halcyon Neighborhood: Remove from Urban Reserve;  reclassify as undesignated, with up-zoning to RRFF-5 or FF-10. This allows for: ? Protection and preservation of open space and Stafford?s rural character ? Relief for large EFU landowners from the burdens of 80-acre EFU zoning by allowing for up-zoning to the predominate zoning in the area, resulting in no more than an additional 200 new homes, which will not require any new infrastructure.
We believe The Stafford Hamlet Compromise represents the best achievable outcome by: ? Allowing for up-zoning in North Stafford, which eliminates the need for costly city-service infrastructure (roads, sewer, water, schools). ? Greatly reducing potential traffic impacts on surrounding cities. ? Creating employment land in the Borland area that provides local living-wage jobs and increases tax revenues to the County without burdens on taxpayers. ? Preserving our unique ?Stafford Character? and creating a regional, close-in, rural/ag/equestrian asset that will benefit future generations.
We urge you to join The Stafford Hamlet community and support this compromise.
Stafford Hamlet is comprised of a well-organized citizenry working steadfastly to have input on our future.  Approved by The Stafford Hamlet Board on 3/9/1 


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